Ecotek Lab


Ecotek Student Scientists Climbed Mount Saint Helens

December 19, 2015 – “Student scientists in the YoungXplorers Program at Ecotek Lab in the city of Detroit give a first-hand account of the insight and wisdom that they gained from climbing Mount Saint Helens, an active volcano located in Washington State.”

Cranbrook Schools Junior’s Research Takes Aim at Alzheimer’s

January 30, 2015 – “Over the course of Stylean eight-week summer intensive at Johns Hopkins Medical Center, Cranbrook Schools junior Amber Young was offered the opportunity to work with mentor Phillip Wong in analyzing the biology of Alzheimer’s disease. At the end of the eight weeks, Young was voted #1 neurologist in the Johns Hopkins Brain Science Program.”

Ecotek Highlights Young Scientists at USB Event

August 20, 2012, AgWired Newsletter – “A group of young scientists got to show off what they have learned in their lab during the recent USB Biobased Products Stakeholders Workshop in Dearborn, Michigan.”

Tomorrow’s Scientists Today

June 2009, (Formerly African American Family Magazine) – “Ecotek is an international research lab for young inventors, student scientists.”

Kids Learn to Excel at Award-Winning Detroit Lab

October 16, 2009, The Detroit Free Press – “People look at me and these kids and they don’t expect for us to be research scientists doing this kind of work.”

Can Detroit Be Saved?

October 27, 2009, BE Magazine – “Recognizing the shortfalls in the city’s public school system, particularly in the sciences, Keith Young decided to do something about it on his own.”

Students Take Steps Into Future

November 29, 2010, The Detroit News – “‘It’s all about green chemistry,’ the lab’s founder said. ‘We’re working on how to make things more environmentally friendly while reducing the problem of polluting the planet,’ said Keith Young Sr.”