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SPE Foundation Impact Report for 2021

To our SPE community and friends:
Our resilience through the pandemic has proven to be powerful as we continue to move our current and future programs forward in this ever-changing environment.

Ecotek Student Scientists Climbed Mount Saint Helens

December 19, 2015 – “Student scientists in the YoungXplorers Program at Ecotek Lab in the city of Detroit give a first-hand account of the insight and wisdom that they gained from climbing Mount Saint Helens, an active volcano located in Washington State.”

Cranbrook Schools Junior’s Research Takes Aim at Alzheimer’s

January 30, 2015 – “Over the course of Stylean eight-week summer intensive at Johns Hopkins Medical Center, Cranbrook Schools junior Amber Young was offered the opportunity to work with mentor Phillip Wong in analyzing the biology of Alzheimer’s disease. At the end of the eight weeks, Young was voted #1 neurologist in the Johns Hopkins Brain Science Program.”

Ecotek Highlights Young Scientists at USB Event

August 20, 2012, AgWired Newsletter – “A group of young scientists got to show off what they have learned in their lab during the recent USB Biobased Products Stakeholders Workshop in Dearborn, Michigan.”

Ecotek Launches Biotech-University

Biotechnology is a fast growing field and provides great opportunities for those that have the drive and passion for learning about life science and microbiology. The world of biotech includes a wide range of topics and areas of specialization. For example, there are opportunities to do work in agriculture, genetics, bioenergy and drug discovery. In addition to offering great career and entrepreneurial opportunities, biotechnology is practiced on a global scale, thus providing individuals with these high-value skills the opportunity to travel the globe….Read More


Ecotek Student Scientists Develop Green Products With the global ecosystem being so fragile, scientists and engineers are working to develop materials and products that are environmentally friendly. This involves developing products that are made from natural ingredients. The student scientists in Ecotek Lab have been studying environmental conservation for a long time. They have done work from understanding brownfields and global warming in South Africa to visiting wind farms in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. With this great backdrop, a group of students in our lab has taken the next step in their scientific careers: they created something…Read More

Ecotek Scientist Studies the Impact of Neurodegenerative Disease on Neuron Physiology at John Hopkins

The brain is the central processing unit (CPU) in the human body. It is made up of billons of neurons that receive and transmit electrochemical signals in nanoseconds. When disease or injury strikes the brain the neurons are impacted. Alzheimer’s disease, a neurodegenerative ailment, causes a decline in neural activity…Read More

Student Scientist Investigates Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Technology

The market for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) has exploded. The engineering behind the design of unmanned aerial vehicles provides several learning opportunities. Ecotek Lab student scientist, Demarius Clemons, 10th grader at Detroit Renaissance High School, has set his sights on building, testing and finding unique applications for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)…Read More