School Programs


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School Programs-ECOTEK Affiliate Club

An ECOTEK Affiliate Club is a way for administrators to expose the ECOTEK Science Program to their students in a formal way.  The ECOTEK Science Program exceeds the performance and commitment requirements of traditional club. Students will not only be working on challenging hands-on projects, they will also be doing field work; learning about the processes of innovation and invention; publishing their research work, and meeting with industry leaders in the field.  What’s more, they will have the opportunity to showcase their work to world leaders at the United Nations. 


Program Research Areas

The areas that ECOTEK focuses on developing students are in: material science, environmental science, alternative energy, and biotechnology. Research projects last from 2 months to 4 months and focus on solving global problems. Students will be exposed to technical reading material that may exceed their traditional reading assignments at school. Students will have access to a full stocked professional laboratory in a leading research facility.  For your high school students, they will also have the opportunity to participate in a job shadow/internship with one of the ECOTEK corporate partners.


Program Participation Requirements

The minimum student participation in an affiliate ECOTEK Club is 15, while the maximum student participation is 20.  Student scientists are together in the program for the entire school year.  Participation in the program is critical.  In the event, a student does not actively participate in the program or show a productive interest in being a member of the club, they will be removed.  Though any student can be in the ECOTEK Science Program, students that have excelled in the program meet the academic profile listed below.


  • Ages 10 to 17 years old
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Must have a minimum score of 22 on ACT or minimum score  of 15 on EXPLORE Exam Composite
  • Above average maturity level/time management
  • Minimum Academic Achievement of B+ in the following courses

  - Reading/Writing
  - World Geography
  - Mathematics
  - Science


Benefits of Program

The benefits to your school are many. First, a mini science lab will be setup at your school (e.g. microscopes, beakers, chemicals, dissection equipment). Second, high performing students at your school will be profiled on our community science education program-Young Xplorers.   To learn more, please send request to


Program Cost

$2,995 per student (for the school year)

School Programs-ECOTEK Custom Project

 The custom project option is a good fit if your school is interested in a particular area of science.  Projects can range from teaching students how to make biodiesel to working with them to understand how invasive species is changing the ecosystem in the Everglades.  Any projects are fair game as long as they fit into our area of research focus-i.e. material science, environmental science, alternative energy and biotechnology.


In the past, we have worked with students at area schools to build electric bikes, explorer national forests; study the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and create a biodegradable shoe insole. Custom projects are priced in accordance with the scope and depth of the project effort.  Projects will last from 4 weeks to 8 weeks and involve reading of technical information, lab work, field work and hands-on research work.   The minimum participation for a custom project is 12 students.


To receive a custom quote on a project please contact Keith Young,


 School Programs-ECOTEK Science Kits

 To help schools reach more students with advance science topics, we have created a line of science kits that can be integrated into your school curriculum.  To support the integration effort, a staff person from ECOTEK Lab will come out and train teachers on the proper use of the science kit.


The kits are designed to help students learn about biotechnology, environmental science, material science and alternative energy.  The science kits are reasonably priced and can be even used as a fund raiser for other programs.  The minimum purchase for our school science kit program is 200 units (any combination).  To learn more about the ECOTEK Science Kit program please go to