Total installed US wind power is over 11,600 MW or enough energy to serve the equivalent of 3 million average households. Watch Jason build a wind turbine.            do cupa non                 Young Xplorers build an electric bike powered by advanced battery cell technology. Battery Technology Green products such as soybean and corn oil can be converted into bio- diesel to power diesel engines. Watch how Keith creates bio- diesel out of soybean oil and other green products. Bioenergy The world’s fossil fuel reserves are dwindling, while at the same time, access to a steady supply of oil is becoming more difficult to find.  What’s worse, global warming is eroding the environment.  It is critical that alternative sources of energy are found.  In this episode of Young Xplorers, student scientists demonstrate their skills and knowledge in bioenergy, battery technology, and wind energy. Click on video icon to play video  Fuel of the Future © 2011 Young Xplorers, All rights reserved. Website Design by: Webpro Computer Services Making Biodiesel  Student scientist Keith Young Jr. demonstrates how to make biodiesel out of soybean oil.       Bio-diesel is simple to use, biodegradable, nontoxic, and essentially free of sulfur and aromatics.