Student scientists Keith and Aaron are working on green crayons that are durable and eco-friendly.             As a by-product of Bio-diesel, glycerin is used to make soap, degreasers, and cosmetics. Making Bio-Glycerin Natural products are used to make green consumer products. Amber demonstrates how to make hand sanitizer and conducts testing to verify that is safer than store brand sanitizer. Making Hand Sanitizer Material science is often overlooked as a critical link to reducing landfill waste.  There is a global movement to replace hazardous base chemicals with “green” or earth friendly materials.  Today, green products ranging from forks and cups to shoes and garbage bags are now on store shelves.  In this episode of Young Xplorers, our student scientists demonstrate their knowledge and skills of green chemistry by making various consumer products using earth friendly base materials. Click on video icon to play video  Goin’ Green © 2011 Young Xplorers, All rights reserved. Website Design by: Webpro Computer Services Making Hand Sanitizer  Student scientist Amber Young clips off a piece of aloe vera plant to make green hand sanitizer.