Student scientist Jordan holds a dead ghost crab found in the surf on Pensacola Beach.             Sample of oil soaked polymer absorbent in petri dish.   Sample of oil spill tar balls collected at Pensacola Beach research site.  BP Oil Spill Tar Balls What impact did the BP oil spill really have on the Gulf of Mexico?  This question will be debated for many years to come, but student scientists at Ecotek Lab already have an idea of what the answer is.  Keith Young Jr. and Jordan Massey, future environmental scientists, worked in the lab to understand the effect of oil on the chemical properties of water.  Afterwards, they packed up their test equipment and traveled to the Florida Panhandle to see, first-hand, the ‘real’ impact of the BP oil spill had on the environment.  In this episode of Young Xplorers, Keith and Jordan perform water quality tests on beaches along the Gulf Coast.  They also interview several members of the first response team to learn more about the Gulf Coast clean-up effort.   Click on video icon to play video  Spill of the Century © 2011 Young Xplorers, All rights reserved. Website Design by: Webpro Computer Services Oil Spill Research Team   Student scientists Keith Young Jr. and Jordan Massey study the impact of the BP oil spill on the marine ecosystem along the Florida Gulf Coast.      Oil Clean Up