Ecotek Lab

Supporting the Scientists of Tomorrow

A Science Research Organization for Emerging Student Scientists

Our Program

Welcome to Ecotek Lab—a science research organization dedicated to supporting the scientists of tomorrow. Our program focuses on creating opportunities for academically gifted middle and high school students to participate in international science research ventures, many of which are tied to United Nations activities. Our student scientists work on challenging projects that prepare them for college-level opportunities while helping them understand the role science plays in global policymaking. Currently, Ecotek’s scientists are working on a range of research and development projects related to:

Alternative Energy (Biofuel, Wind, Hydrogen Fuel Cell)

Food Security

Environmental Conservation (Water Conservation, Waste Management)

Health Care

A Girl Looking Under Microscope

Who Can Participate

Our class consists of future scientists and engineers (age 10 to 17) from major urban centers across the country. Participants must have an active interest in the world beyond their community and an interest in applying science to solve international problems. They should also be deeply interested in using our projects to understand how science is interconnected with policies and policymakers on a global scale. Additionally, students must have good grades and organizational skills, as well as a willingness to be accountable for their work.

Our final requirement is attendance at a summer science program at a major university. We help our students identify and select the ideal program to complement their interests and goals. Some of the summer programs attended by our students include:

Apply to become one of our student scientists. Call (313) 399-7893

Sign-Up for the Research Scientist Development Program

Our research scientist development program is designed to help students enhance scientific skills through hands-on research work. Students learn a wide range of skills, including the development and implementation of research plans and how to patent and market their innovations.

Our developing scientists meet once a week at the Ecotek Lab and are given homework weekly. Students are expected to complete all homework and research projects and participate in field expeditions. Additionally, they are expected to publish one copyrighted research paper and participate in at least one academic competition.

Contact us today for more information about participating in our program.